Becoming a Trainer

The process of becoming a trainer is outlined below.

Provisional / First Approval

1. Prospective trainer contacts their Patch Office
2. Prospective trainer completes Prospective Trainers Course (6 day modular course)
3. Prospective trainer completes first assignment of PG Cert in Medical Education
4. Prospective trainer ensures Equality and Diversity certificate obtained within last 3 years
5. Prospective trainer completes application form, which is sent in to Patch Office
6. Practice visit completed by Patch Office

The patch office submits the visit report to Health Education Wessex.

Following approval, the new trainer has a maximum of two years in which to:

a) Complete 1 year’s training (if not possible within the approved two years, apply   
for extension through patch office – see ‘extensions’ below)
b) Attend New Trainers Course
c) Complete First PG Cert Assessment

After this they have to apply for reapproval, which is normally granted for 3 years.