Portsmouth IOW Handbook 2019

A handbook for trainees containing helpful information on the course, exams and eportfolio. Also contains contact details for the team.
  • Uploaded: 9-Jan-2019
  • File name: PortsmouthIOW_handbook_2019_RE_updated.pdf

‘Learning Set’ for the ‘Upskilled’ Multi-professional Workforce in Primary Care

The ‘learning set’ model can be a platform to facilitate multi-professional education for a changing primary care workforce, providing opportunities to network and share educational experience as well as clinical skills. Sessions can help participants develop their competence and confidence working in a primary care setting, and provide support to those who might be working in isolation.
  • Uploaded: 8-Jan-2019
  • File name: SLT_AMEE_Conference_Poster.pdf

Use of VR in GP Education

This is a copy of our poster, published at the RCGP Annual Conference 2018. This was presented as a short communication.
  • Uploaded: 7-Nov-2018
  • File name: VR_Poster_2018.pdf

‘The Reflective Practitioner’ guidance 2018

This short guide supports medical students, doctors in training and doctors engaging in revalidation on how to reflect as part of their practice. It has been developed jointly by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the UK Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans (COPMeD), the General Medical Council (GMC), and the Medical Schools Council.
  • Uploaded: 25-Sep-2018
  • File name: The_reflective_practioner_guidance2018.pdf

Reflective Practice Toolkit 2018

This toolkit, which contains templates and examples of reflective styles, aims to facilitate best practice in the documentation of reflection on a variety of activities and events. It aligns with our joint guidance and previous AoMRC guidance. The templates are suitable for adaptation by Colleges/Faculties. who typically have their own formats. The toolkit provides different template options that can be used, depending on the aspect of learning to be captured and individual personal preference. Some tools lend themselves to immediate personal reflection whereas others are more useful when some additional perspective has been gained, either through the passage of time or discussion with others.
  • Uploaded: 25-Sep-2018
  • File name: Academy-ReflectivePractice_2018.pdf