Wessex AiT handbook (2016)

Handbook written by trainees for trainees on GP training.
  • Uploaded: 11-Aug-2016
  • File name: Wessex_AiT_handbook_2016.pdf

CSA Revision Guide (2015)

CSA revision guide written by the Wessex AiT Sub-committee - a useful resource.
  • Uploaded: 15-Jan-2016
  • File name: CSA_Revision_guide2015.pdf

F2 GP Handbook (ClinicalSupervisor)

A Handbook written for GP Foundation Clinical Supervisors
  • Uploaded: 31-Oct-2015
  • File name: F2_GP_Handbook_ClinicalSupervisor_April15_updated.pdf

FY2 GP Handbook (FY2 Doctors)

A Handbook for Foundation Doctors in GP
  • Uploaded: 31-Oct-2015
  • File name: FY2_GP_Handbook_FY2_Doctors_April15_updated.pdf

Study Leave funding (2014)

Guidance on study leave funding for trainees
  • Uploaded: 24-Sep-2015
  • File name: Study_Leave_funding_from_August_2014.docx

Practice Agreement

Practice Agreement in support of training
  • Uploaded: 29-May-2013
  • File name: PracticeAgreement.pdf