Out of Hours for ST1/2

The aim of doing Out of Hours work is to experience urgent and unscheduled care. You are required to do the equivalent of one OOH session per month during your GP job in ST1/2 (36 hours over 6 months).

The GP OOHs service in Portsmouth does not have the capacity to support sessions for ST1/2s as well as the ST3s, so you are asked to take this opportunity to consider your own learning needs, and arrange appropriate sessions to address them.  This is an excellent opportunity to gain awareness of services within the community available to your patients outside normal working hours.  You will find that most people you approach will be only too pleased to show a GP trainee what they do and tell you what GPs need to know about their service.

You must record each session on an OOHs proforma (available on the deanery website), which must be signed by your out of hours supervisor, scanned into your ePortfolio, and saved under the OOH heading.  It is very useful if you record in the title of e-portfolio entry a running total of how many hours you've completed (e.g. OOH session:4 hrs at walk in centre. Total completed so far 4/36hrs)

It is a good idea to liaise closely with your trainer about your OOHs sessions right from the start of your job, as they will be in a position to suggest local contacts and services, and help you consider gaps in your experience. 

Please note the to count OOH has to be between 6.30pm and 8.00am or at weekends on bank holidays.  Please remember that you are being paid a supplement to your basic salary to do ‘on call’ work and these sessions have to be completed out of normal working hours.

The deanery have stipulated that usually only 6 hours of a session will count towards your OOH experience.   There are occasions where a shift pattern means that you will have to do more than a 6 hour shift (e.g. with the Ambulance Service) but to count the hours after the first 6 hours you will need to demonstrate that additional learning has taken place.  It is likely that the deanery would only accept one longer shift during your 6 month attachment (i.e. three 12 hour shifts would almost certainly not count).

The Learning Set (Portsmouth only) provides a good forum for sharing contacts, ideas and experiences with each other.  If you require further information, suggestions or help with arranging your OOHs sessions, speak to your trainer, your Programme Directors, and your colleagues.   

Please see the resources section for a document outlining some ideas and contacts within the Portsmouth area; this is by no means exhaustive.  Most of these organisations will require some notice to arrange a mutually convenient time so it is best to make the arrangements early in your GP post.